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All doctors working in the UK require a GMC licence to practise. Revalidation is the process by which the doctor’s licence to practise is renewed and is based on local organisational systems of appraisal and clinical governance. All doctors have a professional responsibility to show that they are up to date and fit to practise in the work they undertake. Through evidence provided at annual appraisal, all doctors will demonstrate that they comply with the professional standards set out by the General Medical Council (GMC) and the standards set by the Royal Colleges and Faculties. Licensed doctors are required to revalidate every five years by having an annual appraisal based on the GMC’s core guidance for doctors, Good Medical Practice.

Under The Medical Profession (Responsible Officers) Regulations 2010 licensed doctors must have a formal link (known as a ‘prescribed connection’) with a single organisation (or ‘designated body’) which will provide them with annual appraisal and support them with revalidation. A senior doctor (the ‘responsible officer’) in each designated body will make a recommendation about the doctor’s fitness to practise to the GMC.

It is important that every doctor identify their designated body and their responsible officer and inform the GMC through GMC online. The GMC website provides a useful tool for confirming the prescribed connection.


MP Locums is an official designated body with the General Medical Council and can offer Revalidation, Appraisal and Responsible Officer services via our valued partners, Medical Support Union (MEDSU).

MEDSU Ltd is an independent organisation, established in 2011 to support medical professionals with a comprehensive governance service throughout the Appraisal and Revalidation process. They provide licenced doctors and employing organisations (Designated Bodies) with innovative technology and a network of professional Appraisers, to offer an unrivalled and supportive route to revalidation.

MEDSU believe that revalidation shouldn’t be a burden, which is why they have developed their intuitive, leading appraisal and revalidation solutions to support you throughout your career. MEDSU provide a team of highly trained revalidation professionals who arrange your appraisals and provide full guidance and support throughout the entire process.

MEDSU solutions include:
• An online portal – accessible from anywhere
• A cloud-based MAP (Multisource Appraisal Portfolio), also available via IOS/Android App
• A free 360˚ Multisource feedback and reporting solution
• A dedicated revalidation team
• Administrative support and guidance
• Appraisal related guidance and template documents
• CPD Management + Training Resources
• Support Helpdesk + live online chat for assistance
• Tutorial Videos
• A professional work cloud (Email / Contacts / Calendar / Mind Maps)
• Independent Case Management + Investigation
• Remediation and Complaint Investigation
• GMC Compliant Governance
• Access to tailored support from our PA + Concierge team
• Access to Appraisal coaching/mentoring
• Access to a network of Independent Appraisers and Responsible Officers

For more information on MP Locums acting as your Designated Body, please contact us via email: or call us on 01324710500.

For information on Revalidation, Appraisal and Responsible Officer services, please visit or contact MEDSU via email: or call Freephone 0800 689 9434

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