Include £Negotiable?

Susan-ParkInteresting fact about yourself?
I did one of the very first commercial bungee jumps off the Kawarau suspension bridge near Queenstown, New Zealand in 1989 (maybe giving too much away about my age!)

What can’t you live without?
Air, books, my lovely family and friends

What COULD you live without? (i.e pet peeves etc)
I could live without people not being accountable for their own actions, lies and tripe!

Favourite aspect of position?
Working with a great team of people who are passionate and committed to making MP Locums successful – oh and never having to make the coffee (the staff and my lovely co-director will understand this!)

Most proud moment/accomplishment with MP Locums
Winning the Framework contracts we have for NHS Scotland and England.

What is your favourite office “shenanigans” story?
We played an April fool on my co-director – she walked into a very short-staffed office, I told her half the staff had called in sick when in fact they were hiding crouched outside the window listening to her rant about them being off sick!!

What do you think distinguishes MP Locums from other similar businesses in the field?
We deliver the same as our competitors on the frameworks (excellent service with the right doctors in the right place at the right time) but I believe our staff have a dedication and enthusiasm for the company that means our doctors and clients know they will go that extra mile to ensure everything is right for them. The feedback we get from our doctors on the level of service they get from the staff is exceptional.