Include £Negotiable?

Claire-DouglasInteresting fact about yourself?
I am a bootcamp fitness freak!

What can’t you live without?
I could not live without Harry (my son), Luke (my husband), my Iphone, bed and Sienna fake tan!

What COULD you live without? (i.e pet peeves etc)
I could live without mess as I am clean freak.

Favourite aspect of position?
Coming up with and implementing new ideas to improve processes that will help drive the business forward!

Most proud moment/accomplishment with MP Locums
Proving to myself and others my capabilities of becoming a Senior Recruitment Consultant and after a one month trial period getting the promotion to Senior that I have always dreamed of!

What is your favourite office “shenanigans” story?
Sorry cannot comment on this – would not be very professional plus what goes on in the office, stays in the office :-p

What do you think distinguishes MP Locums from other similar businesses in the field?
Our staff – we have very tight knit office, everyone here is 100% dedicated when it comes to working for MP Locums.  Everyone works together superbly well as a team which can be a rare thing to find in a company and I feel extremely privileged to be part of a small but successful team of people.  I think having the right staff is the key to success and we certainly have that.