Include £Negotiable?

MP Locums are here to help you achieve your goals. It’s as important for us to understand your qualifications and experience as it is to understand you and your professional ambitions.

Perhaps you’re at the beginning of your career and want time to reconcile your bank balance and work out what sort of doctor you want to be. Or perhaps you’re fed up working long hours with great responsibility and want a better life balance.

The Benefits of Registering With Us

Becoming a locum doctor allows you to achieve all of this. However, to do it well you”ve got to learn a host of new and different skills. Let MP Locums do the negotiating for you and leave you to get on with what you’re best at.

You’ve got to negotiate payment, the work you’re willing to do and the hours you’re willing to work. All of which gets in the way of you being a great doctor.

If you are a locum doctor we are looking for the following grades and all specialties:

List Grades: FY1/FY2/ST1-ST6/Specialty Doctors/Consultants

Your Professional Advocate

At MP Locums, we are your professional advocate. Somebody you can trust to negotiate on your behalf with employers to secure the best rates of pay. Somebody who will ensure that you are placed only with the organisations that share your values and work ethic.

Let MP Locums do the negotiating for you and leave you to get on with what you’re best at.

We thoroughly vet and validate our doctors and also take the time to understand the working ethos of the clients we will place you with. It’s only by doing this that we’re confident we’ll deliver exactly what you ask of us and deliver the best locum work to you. And because we have a network of clients all over the country and are on the NHS Scotland and England Framework Agreements for medical locums, we can open your horizons to opportunities beyond your own professional circle.

Contact Us

Call us on 01324 710 500 or email us and let us make life simpler, better and easier.